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Organic hemp oil

Organic hemp oil

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Organic hemp oil 250 ml 

🥦 Our organic hemp oil tastes great, but has no intoxicating effect. So do not worry! Not all hemp is the same. 🥦

What does our organic hemp oil consist of?

We'll start with the most important thing. You can use our hemp oil in your kitchen without hesitation. Because: We obtain our high-quality oil from the seeds of the hemp plant, which do not contain THC and are therefore legal and completely free of psychoactive substances.

In fact, hemp seeds have been enjoying increasing popularity and use in our kitchens for a few years now. After all, they are easy to digest and offer a variety of positive properties. They have a lot of protein, fiber and vitamins. Vegetarians and vegans in particular have discovered the seeds for you and are taking advantage of the variety that is available to them. “Then why not us too?” we thought. This gave rise to the idea for a high-quality organic oil that can enrich everyone's home.

Refine dishes

Our cold-pressed organic hemp oil is full of flavors and offers pure enjoyment. It has a nutty note and is light in taste, making it particularly suitable for salad dressings or other dips. But it also feels good on steamed vegetables, in pestos, on pasta dishes and even in smoothies. Similar to solid hemp seeds, our hemp oil provides important omega-3 fatty acids and also ensures a creamy consistency.

In-house production with a lot of heart

Our fine hemp oil was specially obtained by us and our helping seniors. We work particularly gently with so-called cold pressing. This process requires no heat and allows us to preserve not only the great taste but also important nutrients in the hemp seeds. After production, we bottle the extracted oil ourselves. This creates a product that we can stand behind with a clear conscience. Not least thanks to the high-quality products from controlled organic cultivation, which we use as standard. We are proud of this valuable organic hemp oil and look forward to having it in your kitchen.

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