Seminars and workshops at Stall.dich.ein

Seminars as a smart investment for your company

📚 Seminars are much more than just imparting information. They are a powerful tool for the success of your business. We offer the right framework for this. 📚

Well-equipped seminar rooms for up to 40 participants

Company seminars, training courses and workshops should be effective and productive, but also inspiring. To ensure this, we offer you spaces that focus on what is being said and promote concentration. Located not far from Rostock, our Stall.dich.ein in Poppendorf not only offers well-equipped rooms and numerous aids, but also lots of nature and peace. Away from the hustle and bustle of the city, we are a great place to think and work without getting tired.

Our spacious hall

The hall on the upper floor of our house offers space for 40 participants and can be arranged as required. We are of course flexible when it comes to the arrangement and adapt to the requirements of your seminars. Whether it's a conference or divided into work islands, we are happy to provide the appropriate seating after consultation. And what shouldn't be missing from a seminar or workshop? The right equipment for work-intensive hours. You therefore have at your disposal: projector plus screen, metaplan board and/or flipchart.

Equipment for more creativity

Our rooms are equipped with everything you need for a successful seminar, which doesn't just consist of lectures. Whether painting, pottery, cooking classes or sewing workshops – we offer you the necessary materials and facilities. This not only promotes creative learning, but also the interaction of your participants.

After all, it's much easier to exchange ideas and brainstorm when cooking or painting together. And you will notice that the team feeling is much stronger after such a session.

Flexible meal options

Of course, appropriate catering is also part of a successful seminar or workshop. Anyone who contributes so much should ultimately be properly looked after. We therefore offer your team flexible drinks packages upon request as well as the opportunity to enjoy a cold buffet or a cake buffet from our own seniors' workshop.

By the way: By supporting our seniors' workshop, you are not only doing something good for yourself, but also for our charitable mission. Our big goal is to counteract loneliness in old age. That's why we create community and joy and cook various foods together with seniors, volunteers and volunteers, pass on the knowledge to the younger generations and sell the delicious homemade products "like grandma and grandpa made" through our channels. Have we piqued your interest? Please take a look here: About us

Answer & Questions

Which rooms are available for our planned seminar?

The best location for your seminar is our large hall in the main building. It is the largest room on our property and is suitable for seminars and workshops of all kinds. Appropriate seating is of course provided and all helpful tools such as flipcharts and projectors are also available to you. The warm, natural light and numerous wooden elements make it particularly easy to work and exchange ideas in our hall for several hours. And if you imagine something more than work islands and presentations, we offer you our equipment for painting, pottery, sewing and cooking courses. This offers a relaxed exchange and promotes a team spirit.

Can meals be booked for our participants?

Yes, we'll be happy to take care of that. By arrangement, a drinks package can be booked, as well as a cold buffet or a cake buffet from our own seniors' workshop. If you would like to be more self-directed, you can of course also provide the appropriate food yourself.

Will the location be equipped according to our plans?

Naturally. Depending on what we have discussed, the large hall will be prepared for you. This includes the seating as well as the materials and the food.