Café with warmth, cake & brunch

Baked by us with a lot of love

In our non-profit organization Bio24 Social gUG, we bring seniors and volunteers together and enjoy great togetherness. We lovingly handcraft the pastries and cakes ourselves in our in-house kitchen. You will also benefit from this by being able to enjoy and order the delicious cake from us in the Bio24 Café. It's the perfect symbiosis: Our seniors have a rewarding and exciting job with a lot of fun and exchange (we call it Bake&Schnack internally) and we as Bio24 Café of course bake a top range of cakes with love, great prices and extremely (!) a lot of support from our seniors and senioritas.

We're making organic cool again

Organic & regional doesn't have to be dusty and cramped. We want to show this with our concept and don't make it a dogma, but a passion. In addition to organic products, we also offer conventionally manufactured items. But we think organic food is a simple step towards sustainability and healthy eating. Purchasing conditions have improved greatly, so that in many cases organic products are only 10-15% higher than conventional products. It's worth it - right? We think: yes, and would therefore like to take a non-dogmatic pioneering role on this topic.

❤️ Grandmas & Grandpas are our stars

Hand on heart! Who bakes the best cakes? Exactly! The grandmas and grandpas of the world. Thanks to a lot of life experience, peace and time, it always tastes best there. We want to promote this and at the same time provide a counterpoint to emerging loneliness. We founded the non-profit organization Bio24 Social specifically for this purpose and follow a simple approach: create an exciting, meaningful task that makes friends and supports the exchange and coming together of seniors. This is how we give our grandmas and grandpas the recognition and appreciation they deserve.

Coffee, cake & brunch

Do you know those cafes & restaurants with a huge selection where, when you browse through the menu, you wonder how big the kitchen has to be to be able to offer all of these dishes? This usually means lots of convenience products and hardly any fresh food - a choice based on quantity rather than quality. We want to do it differently. We say: it's better to do less, but do it really well! Every month we have a specific motto, for which we create 3-4 new dishes and offer them in top quality in our café or at brunch. It's not the quantity, but the class that matters! That's why we have cake, coffee and brunch. Point.

Our café with a lot of warmth - outside in summer, inside by the fireplace in winter

We always make it nice for ourselves. Whether in summer on the wooden terrace with a view of the wonderful garden and the adjacent paddock, or in winter with the warmth of your heart and the fireplace inside. We will always put a smile on your and your family’s faces. In addition to coffee and cake, we also offer brunch on Sundays.

opening hours

Friday & Saturday 9 a.m. to 6 p.m
Sunday 1-6 p.m. (Sunday brunch 10 a.m.-1 p.m.)