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Organic fruit bears without gelatin

Organic fruit bears without gelatin

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🧸 We all love gummy bears. With our organic fruit bears you can now get the full enjoyment vegan. 🧸

Gummy bears always work

Who among us doesn't have happy memories of the colorful bears with a fruity taste? Who hasn't sorted them by color and only eaten them individually to enjoy their very own aroma? Who didn't have their own personal favorite in the sweet gang? What was it for you? Red, green or even yellow? We all know it and still love the little bears today.

What’s special about our fruit bears? Not only do they look sweet, their taste is also pleasantly sweet - without pulling your teeth out. They are fruity, juicy, wonderfully colorful and vegan too. You will surely agree with us when we say: Our organic gummy bears are convincing across the board.

Goodbye chocolate, hello fruit bears

Among us sweet-toothed people there are always two camps: either chocolate or gummy bears. We don't even want to take sides, but we can reveal this much: Our colorful fruit bears are really incredibly tasty.

Maybe you can just try it out yourself and convince yourself of its fresh, fruity taste. And if you can't decide whether you'd rather be team chocolate or team gummy bears, we have a hot tip for you: Dip our delicious fruit bears in liquid chocolate and either snack straight away or let them harden for later.

Enjoy vegan

Because our organic fruit bears do not contain gelatin, their consistency is slightly softer than conventional gummy bears. But their taste is even more intense and fruity. This is not only due to the natural ingredients from controlled organic cultivation, but also to the clear conscience when enjoying it.

What do we use as a gelling agent instead? The natural fiber pectin, which can be obtained from apples and citrus fruits, for example. Are you looking for more delicious, vegan treats? If you like it not only fruity but also sour, then our organic sour worms are just right for you.

Ingredients: glucose syrup*, beet sugar*, fruit juice concentrates (3.5%)* (apple*, orange*, lemon*, blackcurrant*, pineapple*, raspberry*), gelling agent: pectin, acidity regulator: sodium tartrate, potassium tartrate, acidulant: citric acid ; coloring fruit and plant extracts (spirulina*, safflower, pumpkin*, apple*, carrot*, elderberry*), natural flavors (apple, lemon, pineapple, raspberry, orange, blackcurrant), glazing agent: carnauba wax*
*from controlled organic cultivation

Best before: 10 months

Organic certification: DE-ÖKO-034

eu-bio-logo-bio24organic ec organic regulationOrganic certification-Bio24-DE-ÖKO-034

Nutritional Information per 100g
calorific value 316 kcal / 1341 kJ
Fat 0.1g
hereof: saturated fatty acids 0.1g
carbohydrates 76.0g
of which sugar 56.0g
protein 0.2g
Salt 0.9g
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