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Peeled organic walnut kernels

Peeled organic walnut kernels

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Not just superfood, but also supernut. Our organic walnuts impress your health and your taste.

The super nut of nuts - why walnuts are so healthy

The ancient Romans already knew what we value about the walnut today: a divine miracle cure that cures diseases and improves brain performance. Well, we wouldn't put it that drastically, but the positive properties of the walnut cannot be dismissed.

The walnut is shaped like a brain because it is good for the brain. Who doesn't know this saying? But is this really true or is this shape just a freak of nature? Walnuts actually contribute to brain function and can therefore not only improve learning ability, but also memory. Regular consumption of walnuts can also help with diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.

What makes the walnut so healthy lies inside the hard shell. The soft, buttery-sweet nut you get from us is rich in fiber, omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants and vitamins. This means that walnuts have an anti-inflammatory effect, strengthen health and can therefore protect important body functions. Whether used as a snack or in a meal, our organic walnuts provide plenty of power.

Resist the temptations of highly processed sweets

If you want to pay attention to your diet and perhaps lose a few kilos, eating nuts can help. Despite the high fat content? Yes, exactly! High-quality fats are essential for our body, so we shouldn't consume too little of them. Walnuts are therefore ideal for daily consumption - and they have another advantage. Because walnuts have a high protein content, they fill you up quickly and for a long time. This can help prevent food cravings, which in turn leads to a healthier lifestyle.

So before you reach for cakes, cookies, etc., grab our 250 g or 1 kg bag of organic walnut kernels. You will see that the nutty, aromatic taste will make you just as happy.

Ingredients: Walnuts *
*from controlled organic cultivation

Best before: 10 months

Organic certification: DE-ÖKO-034

eu-bio-logo-bio24organic ec organic regulationOrganic certification-Bio24-DE-ÖKO-034

Nutritional Information per 100g
calorific value 689 kcal / 2844 kJ
Fat 65.2g
hereof: saturated fatty acids 6.1g
carbohydrates 13.7g
of which sugar 2.6g
protein 15.2g
Salt 0.0g
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