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Organic sunflower oil

Organic sunflower oil

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Organic sunflower oil 250 ml

🌻 Our organic sunflower oil enriches numerous dishes and perhaps soon your kitchen with its mild, neutral taste. 🌻

The true all-rounder

Whether cooking, baking or refining: our organic sunflower oil stands for versatility. Free of any strong taste of its own, it harmonizes with almost every dish.

Thanks to its high smoke point, it is also ideal for frying, which not every oil can claim. In baked goods, it ensures a juicy consistency and a golden brown crust that makes every bite a pleasure.

You see: sunflower oil is an indispensable ingredient in your kitchen. Its versatility and health benefits may also make it your loyal companion. We definitely don't want to miss it anymore.

Highest quality thanks to our own production

The quality of our sunflower oil is in line with our values, because of course we also paid attention to using organic products when producing this delicious oil. Together with our seniors, these were pressed and bottled with the greatest care. That's why there are so many valuable nutrients in our organic sunflower oil. The cold pressing that we carry out helps to produce oils particularly gently. Without any additives or chemical changes, as is usually the case with other processes.

How do you recognize the quality of our organic sunflower oil? Due to its golden yellow color, its mild taste and its fresh aroma. To protect it from light and extend its shelf life, we bottled it in dark bottles. Even after purchasing, make sure to always store the bottle in a cool and dry place after use. Our oil lasts six to eight months and gives you joy when cooking and baking.

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