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Organic natural cashew nuts

Organic natural cashew nuts

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Order now: Our whole kernels from certified organic farming for sweet and savory dishes.

So much power in a single nut

Strictly speaking, cashews are not nuts at all, but they are usually assigned to this category. Whether it's a nut or a stone fruit - which is what the cashew nut actually is - we love the versatility in the kitchen and the positive effects on our bodies. That's why we like to describe our organic cashews as little powerhouses.

But what effects does that mean? The protein contained in cashews plays an important role, especially with a plant-based diet. Cashews are a very good source of protein, which also provides energy and fills you up. The valuable amino acid L-tryptophan, which is found in cashew nuts, is particularly interesting. The body can use it to produce the happiness hormone serotonin, which can improve mood and have a calming effect.

However, high-quality proteins and valuable amino acids are not enough for us to praise our organic cashews to the heavens. It's good that these funny shaped kernels still have plenty of vitamins and minerals to offer with which they can score points.

In addition to various B vitamins, there are also vitamin E and vitamin K. These help, among other things, to build connective tissue, hair and nails as well as to regenerate and strengthen the nervous system. And the minerals it contains don't remain idle either. Magnesium, iron, zinc and the like support and regulate numerous processes in the body - for example water balance, blood pressure and the immune system.

Still not convinced that our healthy cashews belong in your daily menu? Let's look at some delicious culinary variations that can be conjured up with our popular nuts.

How can cashews be eaten and processed?

We'll say it right at the beginning: cashews are all-rounders. There are so many sweet recipes and even more savory recipes that use cashews in different ways. And in between there are always dishes that sound so new and interesting that you just have to try them. For example, have you ever heard of cashew cream cheese and cashew feta?

But let’s start with the basics first. Cashew nuts are ideal for snacking on from our 250 g or even 1 kg bag or as a topping for muesli, porridge, etc. They look good in cakes or muffins and curries, stir-fries and salads can also be rounded off with cashews. This gives your dishes an extra portion of fat, protein and carbohydrates.

If you want to spice up the natural taste of our kernels, make burnt or caramelized cashews or - if you prefer something hearty - spicy roasted cashews. Pastes, creams and spreads can also be made from cashew nuts and seasoned in any flavor.

However, cashews don't always have to be eaten solid. They are also ideal for making your own cashew milk. This can also be used to enhance some dishes and drinks.

Do you notice how excited we are about our organic cashews? You too can try these little powerhouses now and enjoy them either on their own or in the next recipe.

Ingredients: cashew nuts*
*from controlled organic cultivation

Best before: 10 months

Organic certification: DE-ÖKO-034

eu-bio-logo-bio24organic ec organic regulationOrganic certification-Bio24-DE-ÖKO-034

Nutritional Information per 100g
calorific value 582 kcal / 2415 kJ
Fat 43.9g
hereof: saturated fatty acids 7.8g
carbohydrates 26.9g
of which sugar 5.9g
protein 18.2g
Salt 0.0g
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