About Us

The founder story

The two brothers Philipp and Maximilian Koeppen (now Voß after their wedding) always wanted to do something good together. Philipp comes from the social sector. He trained as a deacon and studied social work in Magdeburg. Max is a businessman - after training and becoming a commercial master, he ended up in the digital world. He built various companies. But how do you reconcile these two career paths? Exactly! With a social business.

Social business

A social business is an economic concept that aims to solve social, ecological and societal problems. We use the profits from Bio24 Social gUG to prevent loneliness. So all surpluses go to a good cause.

The concept

It all started with the idea of ​​finding a preventive task against loneliness in old age. According to current statistics from the federal government and the state government of North Rhine-Westphalia (see point 7.1), many people are severely isolated. Above all, this is exacerbated by the consequences of the corona pandemic and digitalization but also because the social network is becoming smaller. This has a very negative impact on health - loneliness makes you sick. That's why we have developed a special concept: We cook food with seniors, volunteers and volunteers, pass on the knowledge to the younger generations and sell the delicious products "like grandma and grandpa made" through our channels. After deducting the costs of personnel, materials and operating costs, all income should flow back into prevention work against loneliness. For this you can z. B. Cooking courses are offered, we have Pack&Schnack (the delivery service with an entertainment factor for those who cannot come to us), a café to linger and numerous courses such as sewing, dancing, painting or pottery. We also want to invest in digital participation in the long term and promote study, blog and press work on the topic. We appreciate your support !

Maximilian Voß

As an entrepreneurial spirit, Max is the managing director of the non-profit organization and initiator of Bio24. After his commercial training in Rostock, he completed various further training courses and ultimately obtained a master's degree as a commercial specialist. With numerous start-ups he has acquired the know-how to start in Poppendorf.

Management of all commercial matters, strategy and marketing planning, control of processes, looks similar to his brother Philipp 🤓

Philipp Koeppen

Philipp comes from the social sector. After school in Rostock, he completed deacon training in Neinstedt in the Harz region and studied social work in Magdeburg. Now he is back in Rostock and is building an old gazebo. His technical skills and his feeling for people make him the best co-founder for our non-profit organization.

Management of all social affairs, control of our cooking activities, event planning, man on site in Poppendorf, looks similar to his brother Max 😜